Create a Safer Environment at Your Convenience Store – It May Save Your Money

July 14, 2020 Blog

Suggestions from the Knowledgeable Brokers at The Business Insurance Center

Business owners want to accomplish two things. First, they want to provide a needed service or product for their customers and community. Second, they would like to make a profit doing it. Every day, management teams look for ways to reduce expenses. One area you can lower your output is through your insurance premiums. As a convenience store owner, you navigate through a myriad of daily risks. Reducing your premiums is one step in keeping your bottom line out of the red.

Take proactive measures to reduce your premiums, including speaking with the brokers at The Business Insurance Center. Our team reviews your current coverage, finds the gaps, and tailors a convenience store insurance program to meet your needs and budget. Protect your enterprise and your profit margin with our help.

6 Ways to Make Your Convenience Store Safer

Each day, people face the risk of being harmed or injured. Don’t let your convenience store be the place it happens. Follow these six tips, and rest well knowing you are doing your best to provide a safer place:

  1. Install convex mirrors or security cameras in your store and the parking lot. This step helps you and your employees keep tabs on those entering and exiting your property. It can be especially helpful if you sell gas, too.
  2. Make sure you have excellent lighting and large windows. Being able to see through unobstructed windows is a big plus. Your employees will have an overview of what is happening, right from the register.
  3. Add the necessary signage. Ensure customers can drive in and out of your parking lot safely with clearly marked signs. This suggestion is particularly helpful for high-traffic stores.
  4. Train your employees on how to respond to incidents. Whether it is an injury or being a victim of a crime, your team should be trained so they can take the correct measures when something happens.
  5. Reduce slips and falls with proper cleaning procedures. A regular cleaning schedule will minimize the chances that someone slips and falls. Generally, this can be done during non-peak times, but it needs to be done regularly.
  6. Address wet floors or broken asphalt immediately. When spills happen, be sure they are cleaned up quickly, and the proper signage is posted to alert customers. The same goes for the parking lot. If you have a large crack or pothole, mark it with a bright orange pylon until it can get fixed.

Take Safety to the Next Level – Enroll in the Right Convenience Store Insurance Program

No business owner wants to get sued. Reduce your risk and keep your employees and customers safer with these proactive steps. Then protect your company with comprehensive convenience store insurance from The Business Insurance Center. Our team is ready to assist you with all your coverage needs. Let our 30 years of experience speak for itself when you give us a call today!

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable broker at The Business Insurance Center about obtaining convenience store insurance. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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