Agribusiness Insurance—Protection for Your Farm and Family

It is no secret that our farmers feed Americans and a vast majority of the world. Today’s agricultural enterprises range from hobby farmers and small-scale producers to large commercial operations. For a farmer, working off the land is in the blood. Attending to the needs of animals, fixing fence posts, or plowing a field is all part of a day’s work. However, being dependent on the weather for a good crop or stressing over a viral outbreak in your livestock can cause many sleepless nights if you are not protected.

Safeguard your farm and your family for generations to come when you talk with an experienced broker from the Business Insurance Center. Our team understands the unique situations you face while trying to feed a nation. We can sit down and discuss your options, and then create a coverage plan that works for your budget.

Unexpected Calamity Needs Extraordinary Protection

Today’s farming operations are nothing like those from before the Great Depression era. The weather is changing in weird and confusing ways while the government continually changes regulations. These are only a couple of items that can threaten your enterprise. If you do not have the right amount of coverage, you may be one crop failure away from selling the farm. Here are some areas that an agribusiness policy can help:

  • Crops and Livestock: If you have animals or crops, you are always at risk from the negative effects of nature. For example, a flood can wash out this spring’s planting, or a virus may decimate your herd.
  • Equipment: Without equipment, everything can stop. If a tornado rips through destroying your combine, not only do you have to recover from crop failure but you have to buy a new combine, unless you have the right policy in place.
  • Sales to the Public or Wholesalers: Some farms are open to the public for petting zoos and u-pick facilities. They may even hold seasonal events. If an animal bites a guest or a customer gets injured on your farm, things could get ugly very quickly.
  • Health, Life, and Disability: Family-owned farms depend on each other to get things done. If a primary member gets sick, the rest of the family can keep operations flowing. A good policy can help reduce the stress associated with sudden illness or even death.

Boost Your Farming Operation with Confidence

Keep your farm growing strong even if calamity hits. Work with the experienced brokers at the Business Insurance Center. Our team will ask the right questions to determine your specific requirements. They will then develop a tailored plan that covers your needs at reasonable rates. Talk to us today and see the difference you can expect when you tap into our team’s knowledge and experience.

Request a quote for agribusiness insurance or call us at (888)-585-0511. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. We serve the entire United States.


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