How to Reduce Slips and Falls at Your Convenience Store

October 06, 2019 Blog

Advice from the Business Insurance Center

Convenience stores are hubs of activity. Daily customers stop by for gas, snacks, or a gallon of milk. Day-in-and-day-out, people come in, get their essentials, and head off to their destinations. There is no doubt about it; your enterprise is vital to your community and neighborhood. With all the foot traffic, it is imperative to keep your floors clean and dry. This can be especially hard in inclement weather, but when the safety of your customers and employees is at stake, it is worth it.

Lessen your chances of accidents and claims when you take steps to reduce slippery conditions. Remember, a critical step is to have the correct coverage in place. Talk with an experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center and get a custom-designed convenience store insurance program for your specific needs.

4 Steps to Reduce Slips and Falls in Your Convenience Store

When rain is tracked in or a refrigerator leaks, you can take some steps to reduce the chance of someone injuring themselves, including:

  1. Identify those common problem areas. You can start with your incident reports. Where have most of the accidents occurred? Use this information to create an action plan that minimizes risks.
  2. Control the environment around you. Install walk-off mats at your entrances to capture as much debris and water at the door. Keep them clean with regular washing and drying. Flatten those curled edges that creep up and replace any mats that are worn down.
  3. Display safety signs as soon as there is a threat of injury. The moment a spill is reported, place a wet floor sign. Alert customers when they need to step up or down and make sure any steps and stairs are adequately lit.
  4. Maintain a stringent floor cleaning regime. Mopping should be done when foot traffic is low, but it should be done regularly. Cleaning should include sweeping and removing debris. Spot-mop as needed and use the appropriate signs to alert customers. Have your employees regularly inspect the aisles for potential issues and keep a sweep log.

Taking these steps is only a start. You should also have the right policies with adequate coverage in place for those times when a claim does arise.

Protect Your Store with Help from the Business Insurance Center

Keep your convenience store insurance up-to-date when you talk with a knowledgeable broker from the Business Insurance Center. We are ready to assist you. We can assess your current policies, look for gaps, and provide a tailored convenience store insurance program to mitigate potential losses. We work with a variety of reliable companies that offer you the support you need. Safeguard your business, customers, and employees with one phone call today!

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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