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Predicting the Future of Cannabis

January 21, 2020 News
Insights into the Year 2020 from the Business Insurance Center Since Oregon decriminalized the use of cannabis in 1973, states across the U.S. have fought constantly to get the plant legalized. Fast forward more than 40 years later in which the federal government formally legalized low-THC hemp nationwide through the 2018

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Understanding Trends in Builder’s Risk Insurance

January 17, 2020 News
The Business Insurance Center Team Helps You Stay on Top of Changes As a contractor, your reputation is everything. If you can’t do the work your clients expect, then you lose out on opportunities for new business later. Once sullied, it’s challenging to recover from a tarnished image. When you are

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New Trends in Convenience Stores to Look Out For

December 23, 2019 News

Insights from the Business Insurance Center Team

For decades, Americans have hit the local fuel station for “gas, smokes, and cokes.” Even today, the name of the game is convenience as morning commuters stop for a quick fill-up and a drink. Yet, tastes and desires are changing and it is causing

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Think You Are Safe from Cyber Criminals in the Construction Industry? Think Again!

November 19, 2019 News

The Team at Business Insurance Center Weighs In

The construction sector is a hard-driving force within the American economy. From residential homes, to apartment complexes to office buildings and warehouses, general contractors and skilled tradespeople spend their time and energy creating edifices for the rest of us. It would be simple

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Unlike Cannabis Insurance Providers, Banks Still Slow to Jump on the Cannabis Bandwagon

October 23, 2019 News
The basic requirements for any business are similar. You need to have a name, capital, insurance coverage, and access to banking institutions. As state governments across the nation start embracing the hemp and cannabis industries, other institutions follow suit. It is understandable that many entities, like banks and insurance companies,

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Good News for Hemp Growers! Federal Crop Insurance Now Available

September 27, 2019 News

Talk with an Experienced Insurance Brokerage

Hemp growers across the country are rejoicing as Congress passed a disaster bill amendment that makes insurance coverage available to certain industrial hemp growers in 2020. Until this moment, many growers endured nerve-wracking frustration as weather threatened their crops year after year. This change essentially

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Close to 40% of Business Owners Do Not Have Adequate Coverage

July 25, 2018 News

Is Your Company Protected by the Right Business Insurance Plan?

According to this small business insurance gap survey, approximately 38% of small business owners do not have adequate protection to keep running their firms in the event they unexpectedly passed. When you own a business, you wear many hats. One

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