Now is the Perfect Time to Review Your Restaurant Business Insurance

October 28, 2020 News

Thwart the Unknown with a Sound Quote

COVID-19 set in motion completely different ways of handling business. If we had been told in November of 2019 that we would be under state-mandated stay-at-home orders, few of us would believe it. However, the spring of 2020 proved that a tiny germ could cripple the world. Many companies, deemed non-essential, shut down operations and sent their employees home. Restaurants had to quickly pivot from serving meals in their dining rooms to offering curbside and contactless pick-up. We all had to rethink how to function and what was necessary. One area to re-evaluate needs to be your business insurance.

Find the help you need to continue operating your enterprise when you talk to the experienced brokers at The Business Insurance Center. We understand that your passion is food, and feeding people spurs you each day. We can assist you with restaurant business insurance that protects your operations, whether it is a bar, diner, or food truck. Let us come alongside and offer the support you need.

5 Policies to Keep Your Kitchen Grill Sizzling

The pandemic set the world on its ear. No one was spared from the ramifications, including restaurateurs. The insurance world is evolving and aims to assist in future interruptions similar to the coronavirus. In the meantime, as your business grows, look to these policy types to give you added protection:

  1. General Liability: If insurance coverage were set up like a meal, this policy would be your standard meat and potatoes. Get protection from liability claims for injury to patrons on your premises, among other risks.
  2. Commercial Property: Protect your building, whether leased or owned, from incidents of fire, water damage, or other covered events. Think about the last kitchen fire you had. It pays toknow you were able to replace walls and equipment.
  3. Automobile Liability: Thinking about adding delivery services or maybe a food truck? Getting from customer to customer or neighborhood to neighborhood opens up many additional risks. The vehicles you use need to have policies that will get you back up and rolling if an accident occurs.
  4. Liquor Liability: You may find your alcohol sales increased a tad as consumers deal with unprecedented times. This can give rise to incidents that result in damages caused by individuals under the influence of alcohol. It would help if you had this to support your liquor license.
  5. Food Contamination:2020 has proven anything can happen. You could have faulty wires that shut down your freezer, causing your perishable foods to spoil. Get help replacing your stock with coverage specific to that type of event.

Get Your Customized Restaurant Insurance Quote Today

Now is the time to reevaluate your business plan, including obtaining a restaurant insurance quote to verify you have the coverage you require. Our brokers will happily discuss your options and tailor a plan for you and your enterprise. We work with owners of bars, cafes, cafeterias, diners, delis, and food trucks. Are you a caterer? Give us a call!

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable broker about restaurant business insurance programs. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator.


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