Pollution Liability and Other Insurance Types You Never Knew You Needed

October 28, 2020 Blog

Risk Abounds Everywhere – Make Sure You Are Protected

We often think of insurance as a necessary evil. While there may be an argument for that line of thought, few of us want to be caught without protection when catastrophe strikes. Company owners, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs understand the risks they face when going into business. The possibility that something will go wrong, is very real. One client tripping and falling over a rippled entryway carpet is all it takes for you to heave a sigh of relief knowing that you have general liability coverage. Besides the typical coverages, did you know some specialty options can fill in for unique claims?

Get the protection you need for your specific business when you talk with the knowledgeable brokers at The Business Insurance Center. We are happy to review your current coverage, look for gaps, and offer suggestions to keep you fully protected. One of the policies that benefits contractors from environmental claims ispollution liability insurance. You never know what you’ll get into with a renovation, so it pays to have extra help. There are plenty of other areas you need to cover. We’re here to help!

3 Types of Under-Utilized Insurance Coverage to Maximize Your Protection

Safeguard your business interests from liability claims thatarisewhen you least expect. Here are three policy types and how they can play a part in your overall insurance program:

  1. Pollution Liability Insurance: The first Earth Day was observed in 1970 to force environmental concerns to the national scene. Since then, individuals, communities, companies, and government entities have worked hard to protect our globe. The job is not finished, and business owners often face the risk of an environmental clean-up from their operations. For example, if you have abandoned leaking tanks under your convenience store, you may be liable for making things right. Contractors benefit from additional protection any time they head into an old building that may have asbestos. Pollution liability insurance aids you in the event of a claim against your company for exposing potential hazards.
  2. Cyber Risk Insurance: You may think that only the gigantic companies are exposed to cyberbullies. Small and medium-sized businesses are ripe targets because they generally don’t have the computer infrastructure to combat attacks. Even if you are a one-person company, you could be inadvertently exposing your client’s information because of mediocre safety features. Cyber risk insurance is a safety net aimed to help you get you back up and running if you’re hacked orbecome a victim of theft and fraud.
  3. Builder’s Risk Insurance:Contractors involved in building new or rehabilitating existing structures know that those newly delivered windows are an easy steal. Job sites have a ton of items that can be quickly turned into cash. The last thing you want to do is lose out on profit because of some thieves or even the weather. Builder’s risk insurance helps contractors during the construction or renovating process.

Mitigate Loss from Environmental Claims – Talk to Us about Pollution Liability Insurance

Get guidance for your insurance needs when you talk with the team at The Business Insurance Center. We work with small and medium-sized businesses, self-employed,and entrepreneurs in a wide range of markets. We understand that each enterprise is different. Utilize our experience to get you all the coverage you need from general liability to cyber risk to pollution liability insurance. We will get you covered at reasonable rates. Call us today!

Request a quoteonline or call andspeak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at The Business Insurance Center about obtaining the best policies for your unique situation, including pollution liability insurance. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator.


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