Protect Your Business and Employees with a Distracted Driving Policy

September 30, 2019 Blog

Tips from the Caring Team at the Business Insurance Center

People are distracted, and it is causing unnecessary accidents and tragedies. States across the country create laws requiring hands-free devices when driving, but that does not mean our attention is not drawn elsewhere. When your business owns a fleet of vehicles, your company is at risk every time an employee gets behind the wheel.

Safeguard your company and keep your drivers safer when you put a distracted driving policy in place. The experienced brokers at the Business Insurance Center are here to help you make sure you also have the right policies in place. We assess your current coverage, look for gaps, and design a commercial fleet insurance quote to fill them without busting your bottom line.

Steps to Put Your Distracted Driving Policy into Effect

The use of mobile devices and our overall preoccupation has contributed to needless accidents. In general, distraction comes in three forms, cognitive, visual, and manual. Drivers are either not focused on their driving, looking at anything but the road in front of them, or removing one or both hands from the wheel. Your company can establish a distracted driving policy to encourage better behaviors that can keep employees much safer. Here are some steps to put it into effect:

  1. Create the formal, written policy. It should include your enterprise’s position on using mobile devices while driving. Don’t stop there. Consider other distractions that threaten safe driving. Be sure it applies to everyone in your organization.
  2. Communicate the policy to all employees regularly. Telling everyone once helps but it will not have the lasting effect you hope for. Have your team achnowledge in writing that they read, understand, and will follow the policy. It is a good idea to regularly communicate with your staff concerning following the guidelines.
  3. Follow the policy as an example for the rest of the company. There is no better way to enforce a new set of rules than leading by example. Managers and office staff should not contact other employees who are on the road until it is determined the driver is stationary.
  4. Promote the safety of your employees regularly. Your managers are in the best position to encourage and promote safe driving practices and ensure their team is following the new policy. They should fully understand the guidelines and reinforce it.

Protect Your Organization with Commercial Fleet Insurance

Before you send your drivers out on the road, be sure your fleet is properly protected. Start with a commercial fleet insurance quote from the Business Insurance Center. Our experienced brokers can review your existing policies and tailor a plan for your organization. For more than 30 years, we have served the small business community with their commercial fleet needs. Call us today!

Request a quote online or call (888)-585-0511 and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. We serve the entire United States.


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