Questions to Ask before Choosing a General Liability Insurance Policy

November 28, 2019 Blog

Tips from the Team at the Business Insurance Center

Most people who consider going into business have heard of a general liability policy. It is the most common form of coverage and helps protect the company in the event of personal injury or property damage to a third party. This type of policy is exactly what the name suggests, general, and is the starting point for protecting your enterprise. Depending on your industry, you may benefit from more than one type of coverage.

Determine what kind of protection you need by talking with an experienced broker from the Business Insurance Center. We work with reputable insurers with knowledge in many different industries. Benefit from our knowledge and insight when you talk to us about general liability insurance today.

2 Questions to Ask When Choosing a General Liability Policy

The choices may seem complicated but when you know what you need, it is much easier to decide. A reliable agent will be able to answer your questions and help guide you on what to look for. Here are two questions to get you started:

  1. What types of liabilities do I need to protect my business from? Each company is different and faces its own set of challenges. You might have customers continually traversing on your property where you may worry about slips and falls. Another business may have dangerous equipment that employees can get hurt on. It helps to list everything you can think of that might make you worry about a possible lawsuit.
  2. If someone got hurt, how much money would my company need? When you know what you need protection from, you can then determine how much coverage is required. It would help if you considered not only lawsuits but also medical bills and other potential claims. Depending on the size of your company, you may need more protection than others in lower risk industries.

After you’ve contemplated these questions, set up a time to discuss your needs with your insurance broker from the Business Insurance Center. We will sit down and look through your “worry” list and what you think you may need to recover. Then we will assess your current policies to see if there are any gaps and suggest opportunities to shore up the leaks. You don’t have to navigate the insurance world alone.

Safeguard Your Company with General Liability Insurance from the Business Insurance Center

Gain peace of mind that your organization can recover if a claim or lawsuit is filed against you. Talk with the team at the Business Insurance Center. We strive to consistently assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed with products that help you protect your enterprise, so you can continue to serve your customers.

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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