The Most Common Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims

October 20, 2019 Blog

Insights from the Business Insurance Center Team

Watching the news gives you glimpses into how minds work; often, in ways you couldn’t even imagine. From bad news, like crime, to feel-good stories, there is a never-ending deluge of information that may sometimes leave you scratching your head. For example, you may see news clips about sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuits against large corporations. While you might think that these things only happen to the “Big Boys”, you would be wrong. Every day, small and medium sized companies like yours face similar situations and claims, which cost them thousands of dollars and can ruin their reputation.

Don’t get caught up in a claim filed by someone from your team. Establish a set of guidelines and rules, update them regularly, and be sure to purchase employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). An experienced and knowledgeable broker from the Business Insurance Center understands the fear and frustration that can come from a lawsuit. We are ready to aid you in developing a coverage plan that will safeguard your company, at a price that works for you.

4 of the Most Common EPLI Claims

You might be surprised just how often accusations of discrimination arise. Our society’s legal and regulatory framework gives employees many different ways to take action against an employer. Here are just four ways employees may feel the need to file a claim:

  1. They think they were passed over for a promotion or a position based on a protected class. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lists all of them, but a few include deafness, blindness, and epilepsy. If you have an employee who feels they were not considered for a promotion because of an ADA-protected condition, they may choose to file a claim.
  2. They believe they were discriminated against because of their age, race, or gender. One area on the rise is ageism or age discrimination. Workers in the market are aging, and it is easy to slip into the mindset that being old means you are no longer useful. Many employers do not recognize the trend and therefore, fail to provide training to all their team members.
  3. They are afraid that filing a claim may lead to retaliation from their employer. If an employee feels like they were treated adversely because they made a claim, then they may have a case for retaliation.
  4. They believe that they have been sexually harassed by a boss or co-worker. It is unlawful to harass a person because of a person’s sex, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Yet, it happens, and can cost you thousands of dollars if it happens in your company.

Safeguard Against Claims of Discrimination with EPLI from the Business Insurance Center

Take a proactive stance against potential lawsuits based on wrongful termination or discrimination when you establish guidelines and train your team. Your broker at the Business Insurance Center will work with you to assess your needs and fill in any gaps in your employment practices liability insurance. Reach out and discuss your requirements with us today.

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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