Where Are the Hottest Jobs? Check Out the Cannabis Industry!

February 17, 2020 News

Experienced Cannabis Insurance Provider Weighs In

Cannabis is a hot topic. From its decriminalization to the 2018 Farm Bill, the United States is slated to see exponential growth in this field. The only thing hotter is the potential for job growth. Some states will see considerable differences in where their workforce is headed. For example, an article in the Miami Herald estimated that “Florida’s medical marijuana industry grew by 93% in 2019.” That’s significant!

When you are trying to break into the cannabis industry, you need to protect all aspects of your business. The experienced team at the Business Insurance Center stands ready to help you assess your needs and develop the right policies for your enterprise. Find a cannabis insurance provider who understands the growth in this field. Come talk with us.

Segments in the Cannabis Industry Waiting for You

Workingnation.com calls the cannabis industry a “jobs engine.” It may make you wonder what areas you can participate in, where your growth can begin, and what opportunities are out there for the cannabis industry. Here are a few areas to consider for you to pursue:

  • Tourism, Media, and Events: If you are an ambassador to the world of cannabis, this may be a perfect area. You can teach people to understand the plant better and discover its many uses.
  • Services: Every industry needs help in software design, technology, finance, legal, human resources, insurance, education, and training, and this applies to the cannabis industry too.
  • Retail: People need to access their cannabis supply. While brick and mortar dispensaries are a start, there are also opportunities in farm-to-table, delivery service, on-site consumption, and subscription boxes.
  • Sales and Distribution: As the industry becomes more specialized, opportunities in processing, distribution, transportation, and wholesale will grow as well.
  • Real Estate: You can explore a niche in property acquisition, development, financing, design, and management. Put that real estate license to good use helping this exploding industry.
  • Cultivation: The backbone of the market, cultivating the plant, includes different roles like genetics, seeds, cloning, and tissue culture.
  • Extraction: Demand for quality will continue to grow, requiring different types of extracts and formulations of the plant.

Jump on the Opportunity for Growth – Start with an Experienced Cannabis Insurance Provider

No matter what area you intend to join in on, your company needs proper protection. Start by working with a knowledgeable cannabis insurance provider. We assist you with obtaining general liability, property, worker’s compensation, umbrella, and employment practices coverage. For more than 30 years, we have worked with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed across a wide range of industries. Find out what it is like to partner with a brokerage that cares about your success.

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at the Business Insurance Center. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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