Why You Need Farm Insurance for Your Small or Hobby Farm

July 20, 2020 Blog

Guidance from the Knowledgeable Brokers at The Business Insurance Center

Farmers are the backbone of the country. They feed millions of families with their crops and livestock. Yet there is a newer breed of agriculturists making its mark on the world, the hobby farmer – the person or family that keeps things small with fresh garden produce and small herds of livestock. Each has its specialized place in their market. Shouldn’t their insurance needs be customized as well?

Get the needed protection for your small or hobby farm when you talk to the team at The Business Insurance Center. Our farm insurance brokers will assess your situation and provide a tailored plan to protect your dreams. We work with financially sound and established insurance companies to give you the best protection possible.

4 Reasons to Purchase Farm Insurance – Even for Hobby and Specialty Farms

Don’t rely on an insurance policy that doesn’t fit all of your specialized needs. Here are four reasons to choose farm insurance unique to you:

  1. Your homeowner’s policy isn’t enough. Instead of protecting your new venture, your homeowner’s policy will probably exclude business and farming activities. So, when a storm damages your farm equipment or buildings, they might not be covered and you may have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.
  2. You need liability protection. It can be risky letting visitors pet your livestock. What happens if your goat bites someone? Consider if you sell your products and someone gets sick from the meat or eggs you sold them. Do you have the means to handle a lawsuit?
  3. You may be able to recover lost income. While you may have a full-time job, your hobby farm probably brings in a little extra income. If you lose sales because of storm damage to your buildings, you may be able to recover that loss of income.
  4. You deserve customized coverage for your particular farm. Big farms have different needs than smaller farms. The insurance needs will vary and can depend on whether you live on the farm, own the land, or rent the property. It would be best if you had a policy that fits your unique situation and isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan.

Protect Your Hobby Farm with Help from the Farm Insurance Brokers at BIC

Work with a team that understands your needs. The team at The Business Insurance Center assists with getting you coverage for your farm vehicles and equipment, liability claims, and property and casualty claims. No need to worry about how you will recover if your prized, highly sought-after tomatoes suffer from blight, rendering you with no crop to sell. Take a deep breath and rest more comfortably, knowing that if a visitor gets hurt on your farm, you are covered. It starts with a phone call to one of our farm insurance brokers.

Request a quote online or call and speak with a knowledgeable and experienced broker at The Business Insurance Center about farm insurance. We have a 24/7 call center to serve you and an online Live Chat operator. 


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