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Create a Safer Environment at Your Convenience Store – It May Save Your Money

Posted on: July 14,2020

Suggestions from the Knowledgeable Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Business owners want to accomplish two things. First, they want to provide a needed service or product for their customers and community. Second, they would like to make a profit doing it. Every day, management teams look for ways to reduce expenses. One area you …

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How Do I Start Shop as a Restoration Contractor?

Posted on: July 09,2020

Tips from the Experienced Team of Brokers at The Business Insurance Center With the increase in weather phenomena around the country, there is a service market waiting for skilled, customer-driven people like you. Imagine coming in and helping a family recover their belongings after a flood or hurricane. What Mother Nature attempted to steal, you …

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How General Liability Insurance Benefits Your Company

Posted on: June 30,2020

Helpful Advice from the Team at The Business Insurance Center Sometimes we start side jobs to make extra money for debts or significant expenses. Many times, what started out small grows and becomes a fulltime business. For example, maybe you hustled and mowed some lawns for a few small businesses. One day, you are approached …

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When Should I Seek Out Commercial Insurance Providers?

Posted on: June 27,2020

Answers from the Knowledgeable Team at The Business Insurance Center The moment you go into business, you should take the necessary steps to protect your organization with the proper insurance. Without protection, you run the risk of losing a lot if a claim is filed against you. No one wants to lose everything they work …

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7 Common Questions about Builder’s Risk Insurance

Posted on: June 25,2020

Help from the Professionals at BIC Winning a major construction project can be great for your bottom line. Unless something goes wrong, like you falling behind schedule because of theft, then you can quickly see your profit turn south. If too many jobs go awry, then you may find yourself out of business. It’s possible …

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What Type of Landscape Contractor’s Insurance Do I Need?

Posted on: June 23,2020

Suggestions from the Knowledgeable Team of Brokers at BIC Do you love the smell of fresh-cut grass or cedar chip mulch? Does the thought of climbing up a 100-foot Red Oak to trim back limbs excite you? Then you are part of that particular breed of Mother Nature’s caretakers. Landscapers, tree trimmers, and arborists alike, …

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What Can Hemp be Used for?

Posted on: June 21,2020

Suggestions from the Preferred Hemp Grower’s Insurance Brokers Hemp has been around for several millennia and was used for a variety of items. For example, scraps of hemp fabric have been dated as far back as 8,000 B.C.  Many don’t understand what hemp is and the versatility it has. It is a plant from the …

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What Exactly Does a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy Cover?

Posted on: June 19,2020

Helpful Advice from the Business Insurance Center Team Almost all businesses utilize computers and smartphones to send, receive, and store electronic data. This information can include sales quotes, tax records, your customer’s private information, vendor’s information, and employee records. If any of this information is lost or stolen by a hacker, you may struggle to …

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Reassure Your Contractor Clients when You Obtain Sub-Contractor’s Insurance

Posted on: June 17,2020

WIn New Contracts and Use Your Skills with the Right Coverage in Place Imagine spending hours perusing through the requirements of a contractor’s request for a bid. You checked each box, ensured you have the right tools for the job and submitted your bid on time. You feel good about things and are sure the …

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Grow Your Roofing Business – Start with Roofing Contractor Insurance

Posted on: May 28,2020

Tips to Market Your Company Roofs not only tie the foundation and walls together in buildings, they also protect the inhabitants and furniture inside. The smallest hole in the midst of asphalt shingles can lead to mold and mildew within the house or commercial property below it. Hail, wind, and storms can quickly tear the …

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September 02, 2021

Covid-19 has made a major impact on the business world, and we have barely begun to understand or experience its effects. Many businesses had to transition constantly over the past 18 months with layoffs, closures, flex scheduling, remote work opportunities, and so on. More employees are working from home than ever before, so employees now …

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