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6 Services to Offer as a Roofing Contractor

Posted on: November 05,2020

Suggestions from the Friendly and Knowledgeable Team at The Business Insurance Center When you start a business, you may choose to specialize in one area. However, expanding your services gives you many more opportunities to grow your company and your outreach to clients. It only makes sense that a roofing company takes care of the …

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Serve Your Janitorial Clients Well with Timely Topics on Your Blog

Posted on: November 02,2020

Helpful Marketing Ideas from Your Janitorial Insurance Provider Business owners should always be marketing their products or services. That includes all industries, even cleaning. However, many janitorial services are stumped at what they should post to their social media feed or website. You may feel you’re in the same situation. Who wants to hear about …

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Discover the Difference between General Liability and Commercial Property Insurance

Posted on: August 20,2020

Useful Information from The Business Insurance Center Businesses need insurance. It helps to protect against claims that can financially devastate a company. Yet, deciding on what type of coverage will give you the protection you need can be confusing. Should you buy general liability? What about business interruption? What do I need if I have …

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What Is the Difference between Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Auto Insurance?

Posted on: October 30,2020

Quick Guide to Help You Navigate the World of Insurance Are you considering earning some extra funds by delivering pizzas in your car? Have you started a landscape business and now use your truck to haul tools and mulch to your job sites? If you do and you’re in an accident, your personal auto insurance …

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5 Types of Specialized Contractor Insurance and Why You Should Choose the Right One

Posted on: August 13,2020

Guidance from the Knowledgeable Brokers at the Business Insurance Center When you show up on a job site, you already know what role you have in the project. Masons handle all masonry work. Roofers work on the roof, and HVAC technicians take charge of the heating and cooling equipment and set up. Each have their …

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Pollution Liability and Other Insurance Types You Never Knew You Needed

Posted on: October 28,2020

Risk Abounds Everywhere – Make Sure You Are Protected We often think of insurance as a necessary evil. While there may be an argument for that line of thought, few of us want to be caught without protection when catastrophe strikes. Company owners, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs understand the risks they face when going …

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Why You Need Farm Insurance for Your Small or Hobby Farm

Posted on: July 20,2020

Guidance from the Knowledgeable Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Farmers are the backbone of the country. They feed millions of families with their crops and livestock. Yet there is a newer breed of agriculturists making its mark on the world, the hobby farmer – the person or family that keeps things small with fresh …

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How to Make Your Apartment Building Irresistible to New Tenants

Posted on: July 17,2020

Suggestions from the Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Owning rental property brings many opportunities to meet new people and provide a nice place for them to live in. You also have the advantage of making a living from the process. Sometimes it’s harder to find quality tenants to lease your apartments. There are many …

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Create a Safer Environment at Your Convenience Store – It May Save Your Money

Posted on: July 14,2020

Suggestions from the Knowledgeable Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Business owners want to accomplish two things. First, they want to provide a needed service or product for their customers and community. Second, they would like to make a profit doing it. Every day, management teams look for ways to reduce expenses. One area you …

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How Do I Start Shop as a Restoration Contractor?

Posted on: July 09,2020

Tips from the Experienced Team of Brokers at The Business Insurance Center With the increase in weather phenomena around the country, there is a service market waiting for skilled, customer-driven people like you. Imagine coming in and helping a family recover their belongings after a flood or hurricane. What Mother Nature attempted to steal, you …

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4 Opportunities to Reduce Worker’s Compensation Insurance Claims


September 13, 2020

Tips from the Helpful Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Many expenses are involved in running a business. You depend on your sales to generate revenue upon the delivery of your product or service. Between the moment that a sale is made and a customer pays their invoice, numerous steps must be accomplished. If an …

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