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How to Prevent a Hostile Work Environment

Posted on: November 19,2019

Helpful Suggestions from the Business Insurance Center Team As children, we may have heard, or even used the rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” The main point being that words do not leave lasting scars like broken bones. In today’s workplace, this is not necessarily the case. …

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Is Builder’s Risk Insurance Only for New Construction? The Answer May Surprise You

Posted on: October 29,2019

Answers from the Team at the Business Insurance Center When building a new commercial or residential structure, it pays to have additional protection in the event items are stolen, or a catastrophe occurs. Many assume that they can only get builder’s risk insurance if they are constructing a brand-new building. In reality, you can obtain …

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Is It Time to Hire an Accountant? 3 Signs to Know for Sure

Posted on: October 26,2019

Experienced Business Insurance Agency Weighs In When you first set out on your own as a business owner, you grew used to handling all the tasks that came with the territory. On any given day, you may wear several hats, such as boss, purchasing agent, machine operator, human resources manager, and bookkeeper. This may have …

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Important Things to Consider when Starting a Cleaning Service Business

Posted on: October 23,2019

Helpful Suggestions from the Team at the Business Insurance Center Business ownership is a dream for many people. The idea of being your own boss and determining your own hours entices the entrepreneur in us to break out of the 9-to-5. One type of service you can begin with little start-up costs is a cleaning …

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The Most Common Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims

Posted on: October 20,2019

Insights from the Business Insurance Center Team Watching the news gives you glimpses into how minds work; often, in ways you couldn’t even imagine. From bad news, like crime, to feel-good stories, there is a never-ending deluge of information that may sometimes leave you scratching your head. For example, you may see news clips about …

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How to Reduce Slips and Falls at Your Convenience Store

Posted on: October 06,2019

Advice from the Business Insurance Center Convenience stores are hubs of activity. Daily customers stop by for gas, snacks, or a gallon of milk. Day-in-and-day-out, people come in, get their essentials, and head off to their destinations. There is no doubt about it; your enterprise is vital to your community and neighborhood. With all the …

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Steps to Reduce Parking Lot Accidents

Posted on: October 03,2019

Help from the Experience Brokers at the Business Insurance Center As grocery store owners, you recognize the importance of keeping your floors clear, clean, and dry. The last thing you want is for a customer or an employee to fall and get injured. It takes diligence to stay on top of spills or extreme weather …

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Protect Your Business and Employees with a Distracted Driving Policy

Posted on: September 30,2019

Tips from the Caring Team at the Business Insurance Center People are distracted, and it is causing unnecessary accidents and tragedies. States across the country create laws requiring hands-free devices when driving, but that does not mean our attention is not drawn elsewhere. When your business owns a fleet of vehicles, your company is at …

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Do I Need Business Insurance for My Side Hustle?

Posted on: September 27,2019

Reasons to Protect Your Growing Enterprise with Experienced Insurance Providers Many Americans are jumping on the side hustle trek and running an after-hours small business in addition to working their regular 9-to-5. The types of side gigs are vast and include independent share ride drivers, janitorial services, writing, graphic design, landscape, and pet sitting. The …

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Manage the Risks of Being Understaffed

Posted on: September 15,2019

Suggestions to Reduce Worker’s Compensation Claims Companies must make hard decisions daily to ensure their business is thriving. At times, that may include reducing payroll by laying off employees. While it may seem like a good solution, it can cost more in the end with the added stress and strain on your remaining staff. Even …

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