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When Does a Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy Make Sense?

Posted on: September 12,2019

Insight From The Business Insurance Center Many companies mistakenly assume that their existing policies will provide blanket coverage. Therefore, when a claim arises, they are often perplexed that insurance did not pay for everything. The reality is that your coverages have limitations. Most businesses will probably not reach their maximum limits but some do. What …

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How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Business

Posted on: September 09,2019

Suggestions from the Team at the Business Insurance Center Setting up the first or additional locations for your business takes careful consideration and planning. When you are in the middle of caring for customers, overseeing production, and managing employees, it might be easy to sign a lease on the first place that looks good. Avoid …

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My Customer Wants a Certificate of Insurance from Me – What Should I Do?

Posted on: September 06,2019

Guidance from the Team at the Business Insurance Center Any time someone hires you to complete a job for them, they want to know that you have adequate coverage if something goes wrong. If you hire sub-contractors to work for you, the same idea applies. Even though we would all like to trust each other, …

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Reduce Employment Practices Liability Insurance Claims

Posted on: September 03,2019

Work with an Experienced Insurance Brokerage In today’s age of social media coverage, even a small misunderstanding can land your company in hot water and, possibly facing a lawsuit. Sexual harassment, unlawful failure to promote, or wrongful termination claims are only a few of the reasons an employee may be likely to sue you. Are …

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What Are First-Party and Third-Party Costs in a Cyber Attack?

Posted on: July 29,2019

Combat the Effects with a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy Today’s consumer expects a certain level of security when they do business with you. They trust that you will protect their private and confidential data with state-of-the-art software. When a hacker or extortionist breaches your computer system, not only are they stealing, they are also putting …

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Reasons Why You Should Purchase Builders Risk Insurance as the Contractor

Posted on: July 25,2019

From the moment you step onto a job site, you and your crew face several potential risks. There is an obvious risk of injury. Then there is theft and fire. You accepted these chances when you decided to become a contractor. However, when it comes to rehabilitating a fixer-upper or building a new structure, it …

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Challenges and Opportunities Abound in the Cannabis Industry

Posted on: July 21,2019

It Starts with the Right Insurance Provider for Your Cannabis Business Similar to Prohibition in the 1920s, no other industry has caused such a ruckus like cannabis. This hardy plant was used for thousands of years as food, fuel, and medicine. Its fibrous stalk has been used to make canvas and paint. With all the …

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Do I Need Commercial Fleet Insurance as a Small Business Owner?

Posted on: July 17,2019

If you talk to an accountant, they will tell you to keep your personal funds separate from your business. The same concept applies to insuring vehicles used for commercial purposes. For example, if you drive your private car to deliver flowers for your floral business and you are in an accident, your insurance company may …

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Items to Consider When Opening a Convenience Store

Posted on: July 14,2019

Suggestions from the Team at the Business Insurance Center Dotted along the American landscape are a variety of businesses. One that nearly everyone will utilize at frequently is the convenience store. These one-stop-shops live up to their moniker. They offer various products and gas at easily accessible locations 24-hours a day. Who hasn’t wandered down …

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6 Steps to Reduce Workers Compensation Insurance Claims

Posted on: May 16,2019

As a responsible employer, the safety of your employees should always be first in your mind. Without your team, everything could shut down and you would be out of business. If an employee gets hurt while on the job, it can mean downtime and undue burden on your other employees. The good news is that …

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September 13, 2020

Tips from the Helpful Brokers at The Business Insurance Center Many expenses are involved in running a business. You depend on your sales to generate revenue upon the delivery of your product or service. Between the moment that a sale is made and a customer pays their invoice, numerous steps must be accomplished. If an …

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